Master & Dynamic MH30 headphones

4 000 Kč
High-quality build, audiophile headphones from New York-based manufacturer M&D in excellent used condition.
"The MH30 have an abundance of things going for them, more than enough to give them a spot on Audiophile On's list of Best Headphones 2016: they have stylish looks that are eye catching enough to be classified as a fashion headphone; They are constructed from high end premium materials such as lambskin, cowhide, steel and aluminium which is combined with incredible build quality and exceptional fit and finish. Accessories are well thought out and expertly implemented and save for the lack of a hard shell case are above the bar when compared to similarly priced competitors. Then there is the sound, which is tuned in such a way that it is going to suit the majority of listeners due to its ability to work well with so many varied genres and cause relatively low levels of fatigue over long listening session." — Audiophile On
12000 - Praha 2 Praha

12000 - Praha 2 Praha