Flat for rent 18.000kc near IP Pavlova

18 000 Kč
Furnished well- lit flat of 50m^2 near I. P. Pavlova, for a minimum stay of 6 months!
The flat is located in Legerova, Praha 2, it has 1 big room, 2 bathrooms one with a bath and a dining room in the same room of kitchen.
The room has 2 king beds , one is located in the loft.
The flat has washing machine and dishwasher.
The cost of the rent is 18.000kc +utilities, the deposit is 36.000kc plus an agency fee. (The deposit is this high because the apartment is new, but you will have it back at the end of the stay)
If you are interested contact me, I can also help you to find flatmates.
11000 - Praha 1 Praha

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11000 - Praha 1 Praha

Item Sold