Kitchen items

200 Kč
- Tea pot with filter 180kc
- Glass bottle 50kc
- Glass jar 70kc
- Blue container for fruit - free, it has a damage on the side, but still usable
- Containers: big food container with fork and mini container for sauce, two food plastic containers and metal tea box, all for 50kc
- Eggs slicer 30kc
- White colander 40kc
- Tefal wok pan, 200kc (can't use it with the new induction cooker, therefore selling)
- Bag to keep you warm in winter. It can be warmed up in the microwave and keeps the heat. it can be washed as well.
If you want everything make me an offer.
Pickup around Flora
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13000 - Praha 3 Praha

Item Sold

13000 - Praha 3 Praha

Item Sold