Dystopian Wars Federated States Fleet (Hand Painted)

2 000 Kč
Dystopian Federated States fleet hand painted to resemble the Great white Fleet of the USA.
Includes measuring tape in inches, mini dice, air ship, 3 air squad plates, 28 fighters, 3 metal bombers, 2 Princeton, 4 augusta, 2 guilford,1 Lee scoutship, 1 independence, 2 Lexington, 3 revere, 1 mini cruiser, 7 Springfield, 2 John Henry class robots (unpainted), 9 unpaired escorts and planes. Not pictured: 1 large unpainted savannah air fortress.
Cutout pages and engagement cards included.
I will place in plastic bags and in store issued white cardboard boxes.
Will only meet at Centrum Chodov for transaction
14000 - Praha 4 Praha

Item Sold

14000 - Praha 4 Praha

Item Sold