Stunning Dining Table + 6 Chairs (Custom-made by legendary Czech chair designers TON)

20 000 Kč
Remember having meals with friends? Well, it's BACK! And what better way to celebrate eating food and not subsequently dying (unless it's actually poisoned) than by buying this BEAUTIFUL dining set! Dining without a chair is almost as annoying as sitting without a table, so solve BOTH problems today with this gorgeous set of CUSTOM-MADE TON chairs and companion dining table! Just in case you haven't heard, by the way, TON are an amazing (and quite famous - seriously, you really haven't head of them?) Czech furniture company who are almost weirdly obsessed with chairs. They made these six especially for me, and I, in turn, am now offering them to you! They are extremely comfortable, elegantly simple and will easily match any decor! The table is solid wood (I'm not sure which kind, I want to say birch, but I'd really have to see a picture of the tree it came from and at this stage, I think that's more than a little unlikely) extremely sturdy and very hard-wearing, like Arnold Schwarzenneger, only with a slightly more nuanced presence. So, get up off the floor (you really shouldn't be down there with your back), put that take-away for one in the bin (KFC Rozvoz, really? Fried chicken is HORRIBLE when it's cold, which it inevitably is) call those friend you forgot you had and invite them over to start chopping the spring onions - YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE A DINNER PARTY! (Original price for the set was 40,000czk, so you do the math(s))
13000 - Praha 3 Praha

13000 - Praha 3 Praha