Books and textbooks in English, Russian and Ukrainian

50 Kč
I’m selling around 40 books (fiction and non-fiction) and textbooks in English, Russian and Ukrainian. Each book is just 50 CZK without exception. For those who learn Czech, there are plenty of textbooks, exercise and self-study books. Please contact me if you’re interested, I can recommend the right book for you. Thanks and enjoy your summer reading!

Books in English:
Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl
Selfie. How the West Became Self-obsessed by W. Storr
The Outsider by Albert Camus
Time Management for Dummies by C. Evans
All These Lonely People by G. Phinn
The Crucible by Arthur Miller
Instagram Marketing by J. Gary
Buddhism for Dummies by J. Landaw
Introduction to Buddhism by G. K. Gyatso
How to Be interesting by J. Hagy
Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies by J. Waldman
Сommunicative Czech – Intermediate –workbook by I. Rešková
Сommunicative Czech – Elementary –workbook by I. Rešková
LE NOUVEAU TAXI! – French textbook for beginners with CD (2 copies)
Scarlett by A. Ripley

Czech textbooks written fully in Czech
Čeština pro cizince – učebnice - B2, M. Boccou Kestřánková, K.Hlínova, P. Pečený, D. Štěpánková
Učebnice češtiny – H. Confortiová, J. Cvejnová, M. Čadská
Český jazyk. Přehled učiva základni školy – J. Melichar, V. Styblík
Čeština pro cizince a azylanty – učebnice – B1 – Czech Prestige – J.Bischofová, M.Hrdlička
Čeština pro cizince a azylanty – cvičebnice – B1 – Czech Prestige – J.Bischofová, M.Hrdlička
14000 - Praha 4 Praha

14000 - Praha 4 Praha